Текст песни Dax — Make It Drip


…I'm getting livid …haters gon' trip
…colors vivid …it's like your homie's on a trip
…do you feel it? …I'll make whole Earth split
…go gorilla …I'm 'bout to spit my acid drip

…you best not get in front of me, I'll tear it all down
…I'm beat with hatred energy, and I'll let it go now
I'm getting livid (I'm 'bout to spit my acid drip) colors vivid (I'm 'bout to spit my acid drip)
Do you feel it? (I'm 'bout to spit my acid drip) go gorilla (I'm 'bout to spit my acid drip)

Verse 1 (DAX):
I've been keeping in what I've been feeling, thought I'd let you know
Superheated, heart's a little «frozen,» I'mma let it go
(Let it go) …tired of being tired
The fire has been acquired, I'm never messing with liars

No way… out with the rage
People got me pissed, bustin' out from the cage
I been feeling acidic — yell it if you with it
I'm hella agitated, over heated, and on rhythm

Don't play me, don't test me
I'm raging, my hate breathes
Go crazy, do plenty
Soul raving, you can't see?

Uh! Spit the acid drip Uh! Let the world know
Uh! Put your rival enemies in the war zone
Little bitter, kinda furious, bit exasperated
Sorta cross, very vexed, gotta hear just what I'm saying (when I say)


Verse 2 (West):
(I wanna be Dexter) Morgan, wrap your body up & chop it into pieces, feed the
Scraps to birds & worms a feast for ostriches & leaches, dare a
Dame to try to save you, if that bop get in my reaches, she'll be
Slain in Vera Wang — there's bloody blotches in the creases, Jesus

Where the hell is Eve? I'll take the angel OR the rapper, clubs are
Soup kitchens for bums, they only came to score a cracker, poppa
Dropped me as an infant, I was sane before the fracture, Now I'm
Raw & uncut, feels like the cane before the trapper

Pardon me mister but do you know who you messin' wit'?
My acid drip raps will rip holes inside of your flesh & shit
Cripple foes, just to remove the hearts within 'em, got black
Hole bars, you can hear the darkness in 'em

I'm iller, you not a killer — your demeanor is wack, I'm so
Evil, I just might kidnap Selena from DAX
Tell the DJ put it on replay for haters who didn't get it
Before I snap again cause I swear that I'm getting livid, goddamnit


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