Текст песни בלקן ביט בוקס — Look Them Act


Look them act like running a gang
Got to bring it up
This is not a game
We bring it up this is not my name
I don't want them running around them

They spit you are saying amen
Got to give it up
This is what u get
U give it up
This is what u hate
Don't come crying about it

Here comes another one
And I got my word on a tasty sound
Why you hold a gun?
Why you do like you do?
Are you having fun? No
You watch your back now man
There is a real strong smell of Armageddon
And I'm Mediterranean I'm a Yamani Arebi Israelian
I know you like to chase the million
When you going to get it done?
Once u get a million you want to get another one

And another one, and another one
Why you want to hold a gun and have control on every one?

Bla bla bla, look out
The driver is in coma
Talking and thinking got him living in denial
Look ahead we are about to crash
I'm going to do something, do something
I don't want to die
Dark and cloudy and we're about to hit a turn
Batteries running low and he is squeezing on the gas
Temperatures are about to blow
And he's heating up the place
And what are you going to do?
Who is the daily fool?
Bring him on, burn him down
Get your self a different clown
Because historically we're damned to do the same again
Get your story going somewhere where your story can
Drinking water from the gutter, sucking acid rain

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