Текст песни Sum 41 — Crash


Hold me now, 'cause I couldn't even if I tried,
It's over now, I guess it really is my time,
I don't wanna go, but it's time I got to say goodbye,
So, hold me now, 'cause this will be our last time.

I'm slowing down and I don't think that I can fight,
I know some how you'll find a way to live your life,
Remember just to live every day like it's your last,
And hold me now, 'cause I think it's time for me to pass.

I don't want to die, I don't know why, this kind of fate was meant for me.
You got to be strong, got to move on, it's not how it was 'sposed to be.
And what do I say, it was never supposed to end up this way,
What do I have to do, was I supposed to grow old with you?

But that ain't gonna happen,
No, that ain't gonna happen.

Hold me now, 'cause the time I've got's running out,
No tears allowed, even though we've become without,
I just want to feel your head laying on my chest,
So hold me now, as I take my last breath.

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