Текст песни בלקן ביט בוקס — Cha Cha


Everybody please pay attention
Listen to this new balkan beat
Its very strong we sing it all night long
Because evetything we sing in our song
Is just the truth about what is going wrong
So everybody hold on tight
Are you ready forever in love and no more fight
So listen quite carefull what i am trying to explain
Come on everybody and goin us jump into our train
This is the train for everybody who believes in true love
Love is forever so be clever. Cick thos stupid asholes those big money hunters
Using us people like their slave. Lett thrm see your teeth like a lion dont be brave like a slave
Dont act like a sheep anymore
Because if uou still do well then its up to you.and there is the door
We are free .we wherr born to be free.
So lett them see lett them see
Take it back take your freedom your life back
Lett them see lett them feel .that we are not playing games or acting like those big bosses.we are real
So all you ve got to do is dance sing swing
And do everything thag makes your hartbeat pumping
We did just start .so all iuve got to do now is listening to your hartbeating
Dont listrn to those fools who are allways commanding
Because the dont understand not one thing
Why god give us our life like a loving wonderfull free human being
Thats what is real fast happening
Soon we will see that his; nly sun came back to earth we will all see his sun came back to sett us free

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